“Stars do not pull each other down to be more visible; they shine brighter together.”

Today I want to Shine Light on a wonderful, soulful woman and mentor Pinta Kaur.
I had a chance to meet her through the Black Rabbit Tea journey and she offered to do a quick ‘reading‘ of the brand. Agreed! right away, lol. I love to hear how we look from different perspectives (for what she does, I would say a higher perspective).

Well, here’s what Pinta found about us;

Black Rabbit Tea’s main element is SURPRISE! Which is absolutely right! We do our best to always add that surprising spark to every experience you have with us. Because we believe in that moment of magic!
Surprises are what bring the feeling of joy to the surface. And those who claim that they don’t like surprises, they’re lying 🙂
If we don’t feel comfortable around a surprise, that just means that we either never experienced (good) ones, or there’s some fear inside we can work on, mostly around controlling things. Usually, if you are someone who has to control every moment (which is impossible) you’re missing a chance to experience the purest magic of surprise, which is joy.
I’m sorry, we’ll keep doing our best to bring that to you!

The next thing that Pinta revealed to us, but the meaning wasn’t very clear to her at the moment, is ‘Black doesn’t have to be Black’. She asked me to help her uncover why is this occurring to her.
Well, for me it was all clear;
Our brand stands for FREEDOM and AUTHENTICITY. We wanted to bring something different and show that nothing’s written in stone and we don’t have to look like every other Tea brand on the market…
Of course, we got many discouraging comments (even from close friends) about this but hey! who cares?! Just because someone else doesn’t believe that one’s vision could shine the light on others doesn’t mean that it won’t. And we were right. From the very beginning to this very day. Because like attracts like. Which is why we keep connecting with more amazing people.
I know you can’t really see what’s happening on the back end, but we don’t do this to showcase anyway.

Black Rabbit Tea is one happy community of people (Hell Yeah! to all the Rockstars!) who appreciate each other. They appreciate the work of others, and they all stand for authenticity as well.
Yep, we pretty much all get along and support each other.
If this is something you’d like to experience and be part of, come join us! Doors are always open and you are Welcome any time! (follow us on Instagram where we really hang out the most, @black_rabbittea )

Now, Pinta’s further reading has opened Pandora’s box for us. During our session, I had to stop her for a moment to write down all the great ideas that just kept pouring from the sky. It really felt that way! Her energy and her understanding of one’s vision had led to a beautiful revelation I was stuck on for a while. It felt like she came out of nowhere and just opened a new shiny door! #starsShineBrighterTogether

And I’m so grateful for that!

Pinta comes from Australia and she’s registered as an Akashic Expert Coach.
She does many different things within her expertise (look for the specific one that you need) but the session that we had is called Business Energy Alignment.
I’m no expert at what she does, but I’m an expert on the result her reading brought to the table for the brand. If she didn’t show up at the time, I would probably still be stuck on stuff she made me see from a different perspective, and made me move forward. She did some magic to my inspiration, lol (it didn’t hurt, I promise! :D)

And here’s more magic!
Pinta didn’t know that I was going to share all of this, but I had to ask her for permission. I always do that. So she offered 25% off her programs for the Black Rabbit Tea community! WooHoo! Pouring gifts on you 😀 Just make sure to mention Black Rabbit Tea upon your booking to claim your gift.

If you’d like to book a session with this amazing, soulful woman, here are the links where you can find her;

Instagram: @choosing.intuition
Facebook: @awakenedspiritualsisterhood

And if you haven’t met Black Rabbit Tea, or joined the community yet, here’s where you can find us;

Instagram: @black_rabbittea

Have a Shiny week!


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