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The organizational trap…

How hard it is for you to organize?
How easy it is for you to organize?

I don’t know about you but I’m definitely falling in & out of this trap, lol.

Do we really need to be skilled to organize our daily/weekly tasks, today?
If you asked me this question 15 years ago, I would definitely say Yes! But recently someone asked this and I said No.
Considering all the resources we have today, and how easy we can access them, why would anyone need the skill for that?! Meaning, using calendars and software that help us organize and keep everything up to schedule as we want it… the only skill we need is to create that schedule and that’s based on one question; What do I want my day to be like?

Well, that’s where I was so wrong.
It seems so easy, and it flows nicely… until we forget to add some time off on that schedule, lol.

Whether you have ten tasks or just two, time off must be a part of the daily list. The brain needs to rest, but like really, really rest. Time off means complete unplugging, or as much as you can. I know, today we cannot leave the phone at home and go outside. It would feel like part of us is missing, like when you forget your keys, lol. Which is really sh*tty.

I’ve learned to work every day, especially since I started the Black Rabbit Tea journey. I didn’t mind and didn’t feel like it was taking my time, nor the energy. Because I enjoy it! Every step! Every day! It was really fulfilling. But it isn’t anymore. Nothing has changed, except that I like to forget about it for a day and get back with new energy. Right now that feels so right for me.

And the best part is that it doesn’t affect the brand in any way. Even if I take a week off, it will still be fine.

Now, to get to this point we don’t need a whole bunch of people doing the work for us. We don’t need the scheduled system that will go on while we’re not there. We don’t need anything. We need just boundaries. That’s it. Just mark the line you won’t cross and that’s it. Go play 🙂

It took me years to accept this. I was terrified to leave my unopen messages hanging there for 24h. How crazy is that?! I thought that people would get mad if I don’t respond. I thought they would leave. And what happened over time is that most of my day got lost in responding to messages and very little to creating new content. I was having so much fun hanging there with an amazing tribe, but I also needed some space to create new stuff.

So I’ve decided to make that space!

And nothing has changed!
People are still here, we’re still having fun, orders are still rolling in…new people are coming, everyone is loved as they were before, new stuff is coming up, nothing is missing…
Hell Yeah! What a refreshment!
And what an amazing community of my dear Rockstars! I’m really blessed to have you!

Until the next ride, enjoy the weekend!

And of course, enjoy some delicious teas…

Black Rabbit Tea Shop



    1. Thanks for sharing dear 🤍✨🖤


  1. Priti says:

    Beautiful article loved to read it 🙂🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Priti 🤍 I’m glad you enjoyed it ✨


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