This is the story about the Lavender tea.
And the story behind it…

Under the purple storm, the divine is born.

She’s awake & she’s magic.

There’s a fire burning inside but you won’t see the blister,
but experience the spark.

Walking softly through the fields of life
her mind is peaceful & her smile wide.

She knows your pain, she heals your wounds
then off you go, enjoy the bloom.

Painted by royals & scented by Gods,
created to cleanse the energy around your heart.

She’s awake & she’s magic.

The joy I hold for the people in the Black Rabbit Tea community is massive! (massive feels like a small word right now).
There are multimedia artists, writers, singers, designers, mentors, painters, pottery makers, jewelry makers…. creatives & crafters from many places around the world.

Amazing humans! Amazing Souls!

Our first blend with lavender was Bunny’s Sweet Dreams, and it was one of the first (the second one, to be exact) blends we launch. Since then people have been asking to get just that lavender, pure lavender. And I always say We make blends, not single herbs! But as time was passing, I realize I’m taking away joy from you, lol. So yes, when you really want something how can I not let you have it?! Black Rabbit Tea stands for your amazing moments, and this is one of them.

The idea started burning even more when I got my hands on the Arkona Purpure trilogy, by Drina Steinberg. Drina is a big member of the Black Rabbit Tea world, because of the magic she brings since the day she found us. Like I said, amazing souls! So inspiring!
Well, I found that as a ‘sign’, because in this saga, there’s a Goddess PURPUR who loves lavender tea.

Couldn’t it be more obvious how to connect the story?!
I couldn’t resist.
The launch started!

Today, this magical Goddess tea is ready to travel around the world with the slogan She’s Awake & She’s Magic.

Because it all fits the story perfectly!

Lavender tea soothes our nerves leaving that sense of calmness and strength to face any unpleasant situation. The real anti-stress herb.

The scent is strong, but still much easier in tea. The taste is powerful, but if you like strong flowery tastes then this is your go-to tea on the list. For the special sleeping issues, you want to brew it a little stronger, to give you a real kick 😉

I’ve tried myself (and I was never a Lavender fan!), sleeping like a baby after a warm cup of lavender tea, no matter what’s happening around. It’s a really powerful herb.

If that’s what you need, here is the link to PURPUR tea and the Magical Story behind it.

It can also be used for relaxing baths, but I talk more about that in my book Herbal Baths.

Don’t forget to connect with us at blackrabbittea.com



    1. Thanks for sharing Love 🙂


  1. Thanks for sharing this.

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    1. Thank you for reading 🙏🏿 I know life gets easier with this herb 💜🫖✨


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