How often do you look around your work area?

No matter if we spend two hours or ten hours a day there, the space we work in can affect our creative levels, whether we realize it or not. It’s really important how we ‘set the stage’.

I ran to a picture of some modern home office. Simple design, simple colors… doesn’t look bad at all, if that’s your desired choice, but! it’s facing the wall! Something that interior designers don’t think about, lol.

We don’t create because we look at the wall!

If our home office is set this way, no wonder why nothing comes out. Feeling like you’re hitting the wall? Yes. Because you really (energetically) do.

Creativity is an energetic process before it turns into physical. So if we block the way, we will feel the stress of the blank paper. I will never forget my painting lessons, the moment I’m facing a blank paper and just have to start. Gosh! It’s painful! Hahaha Yes, I had to give up eventually because it’s just not my jam but will never forget that ‘agh’ feeling. The same thing happens inside of us whenever we’re hitting that creative block, and the same feeling occurs when we are not setting the stage for the energy to flow.

You can test this on your own anytime. Sit facing the wall & try to create something, something simple (new post, for example). Then face the other way of the room… give it a moment & try again.

Let me know the outcome of this test in the comments 😉

Here are some other things worth mentioning when it comes to keeping the creative flow or even getting out of that block;

GROUNDING. We cannot create when our head is all over the place. We can, but it’s nothing close to what we actually can do! If your job consists of constant creation, and you find yourself running a race against yourself, lol, what I find helpful is taking a few minutes of meditation & then doing the thing anyway. Because missing the launch, for example, is worse than the way we bring value to the table. But when we create from the grounding energy, our focus is waaay different, therefore it creates the real magic.
Tip tea; I love to drink Mr.Dandy for this matter because it’s like coffee, but it’s not coffee, lol. The last thing we want here is the caffeine messing with our brain even more!

SLEEP. You know this one. Come on, you really do 🙂 Sleep is the No1 Dr.Feel Good! We cannot access the right part of our madness without a good dreamy state. Whatever you need to do to hit this one right, set the stage again… darken the room, change the air, buy a new pillow, add some epsom salt & of course, drink calming teas before bed.
Tip tea; The new PURPUR lavender tea is our new sleeping pill.

JOY. Well, whether you admit this one or not, it’s a part of the Must list. Yes. Do more of what makes you feel joy. In this state we open new realms, everything expands, so is our creative magic. The truth is, we actually can use pain to create as well, but the outcome will be far different. This works great in music, for example, but for me, it would never work with teas. If I’m in down energy, I try to do little things that lift me up; have a good conversation, read, listen to loud music, get outside… whatever feels good at the moment & is easily accessible. This last part is important – if I would need to drive two hours to get somewhere it wouldn’t be that joyful experience, lol. At least not for this matter.
Tip tea; Sparkley Shinelock blend is a quick energy and joy booster! First come the sparks, then the black tea and then… just wait… the chocolate taste will never let you feel the same! No way!

I could go far deeper with this, but I won’t, lol, because I’m so excited about the new stuff coming up at Black Rabbit Tea! So I need to go with that flow now, and leave you to take this home office creative test 😉

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Enjoy the weekend & do something magical!



  1. Great tips! My home office is temporarily displaced, so I set up a small folding table as my writing desk perpendicular to the middle of the picture window in our living room. This way I get to gaze out the window for plenty of inspiration. But I never thought about making sure to not face a wall with my desk – will remember this for sure.


    1. Oh the window gaze! Perfect ✨ That way you can be productive & take care of your eyes health 🤍 Thanks for sharing this 🫶🏼

      Liked by 1 person

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