Omg! Time flies fast! Right?!

I must admit I wanted to go easy this summer, to catch a longer break, swim more, spend time in nature, in some nice shadows … because it’s toooo hot here! Some days it feels like we are living on the Sun, right on the peak of the ray 😀 Aren’t we hot?! Oh yes, we are!

This summer I thought I would have more chilling space since everyone would probably switch to straight ice water… but not my people. The Black Rabbit Tea community is all about gimme more of that cuppa!!!

Which is beautiful.
And I still have time to catch the break I wished for 🙂

To be really honest, I LOVE that people are not skipping this wonderful beverage because of the weather. It’s 113 Farenheight here (some days even more! True Story) and I would totally understand if no one would want to put the cattle on. Living in an urban area at this temperature is walking on a dead line. Come on, even the thought of hot water is killing us, lol.

Although I haven’t lost my tea habit, I can’t expect the same from others. We all have habits that suit us… or at least the ones we chose. In this situation, I would really understand. Because I’m also dying. I’m good on the temperature up to 77 Fahrenheit, then I slowly start to fade…… seriously, my brain is like ‘Nope, I’m not working under these conditions’ and it doesn’t like air conditions! Well, I guess I was in the wrong line when they were setting the brain, lol. It is what it is, at least I know it well 😀

But to get serious here, this is what will really serve you when it comes to tea and really hot weather;

It’s not good to drink hot tea at a high temperature. No, it cannot benefit you at all. The body is already struggling with the heat and if you add even more to it, it could be seriously drastic. So please don’t do it!
But what does help is warm cuppa. Brew your tea as you normally would and just let it cool a bit. This way you are actually helping your body lose extra heat & balance the temperature. Yes, even more than with ice drinks. With ice drinks, at this point, we’re shocking the body. So, warm or lukewarm beverages should be our go-to’s.

Black Rabbit Tea is almost ready to launch a new flavored blend that I’m so excited about. But let me keep this a mystery for a little while, still. It’s something completely new that we haven’t done before! Oh, I can’t wait! And it comes with an absolute summer vibe.
WooHoo! Soon! Can’t wait! I know you WILL LOVE IT!

And how I know that… hush, hush…

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Let me know in the comments what you drink this summer! I’m eager to hear what’s your favorite Hot Weather Drink. Plus I always learn something interesting from you 🙂 Love & Thank you for that 🙂

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