Don’t let the long title discourage you to read through…

It’s there for a reason.
It’s there because we pull up together the blend that really, really hit our brain cells & puts us in a state of joy.

Believe it or not, JOY is our natural state. Human natural state.
And we are connected to nature on so many levels. You know this.

What shakes us off this amazing feeling, is our perception. Yes, that’s the only thing. The rules we have adopted as a Must, or as a Should, or as what (really) ever
Everything has two sides, no in-between. It’s either black or white, this or that, up or down, left or right… no in-between. We make up the in-betweens. Because it’s far easier to let the excuses pass than take full responsibility. Ruthless true – We are responsible for our state of mind, heart, and body.
It’s far easier to say ‘I don’t have time’ than to do the thing. I know, we all get tricked by our own mind sometimes. And that’s ok. Because that’s how we learn. It’s still our responsibility.

And that’s also the road to how the imbalance pursues us. And we welcome it. It comes slowly, moment by moment blinding our sight until we can not see further. Then we say ‘that’s it, I don’t see a way further’. But you are just oblivious, my dear. There’s always a way in front of you. In front of me. In front of all of us. There’s always a step to take. There’s always a new thing to try. There’s always… something. We just can not see it at the moment, through the fog we pretend to be in.

Decide that you want to get out of the circle that doesn’t serve you.
Decide first and then act upon it.

‘Desire without an action is just a wish’

And wishes fade away. They keep us excited for a moment and then, if we let them just hang in our heads, that’s all they serve for – to hang in there. Perfect! They fulfilled their purpose…

You would just let that wish hang in your head and let it be all?!

You know that first feeling when the wish is born? Remember it. Hold on tight to it. I know, it won’t be there forever, so hold tight to it until it’s gone.
Now, use that feeling to create an action. Move to the action. Do that first step towards your wish becoming true. Take just that one step. Then the next one, and maybe the next one. (all of them! but one by one)

Now, you still remember that feeling?
How does it feel now? When your desire has come true?
How blissful that makes you be?! Beautiful, right?

Move on. What’s your next wish?
Repeat the process.

See how easy it is to get away from the trap of our own mind?!

This is why our new blend is born.
To wake up that joy inside and makes you see things from a different angle. There’s a light (that never goes out – the Smiths, lol) and there’s dark. But you choose which one you want to see.

Lil’ Ann. She makes us feel so good!

A combination of the ingredients we chose is to set you up in the morning for a beautiful day. Rich in vitamins (high level of vit C, along with the others) is what will fuel the body from early morning, and that itself will have a positive effect on the brain. After that first kick, the substance found in pineapple (bromelain) is the one our body uses to produce serotonin, known as the happy hormone.

Stay blissful.



  1. This is a great idea.

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    1. So Good! Thank you 😀


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