Just like the title says, Good skin, Good mood, Good day. There is a beautiful vibe screaming from the inside when we feel good on the outside. Let’s not mix this, first things first. We must be good inside to be able to shine on the outside. But when we meet both, then we’re upContinue reading “GOOD SKIN, GOOD MOOD, GOOD DAY”


‘Intention without any action is just a wish’ Let’s say you make a desire or you set up a goal. What do you do? Do you let it stay in your head? Do you write it down on a piece of paper? Do you tell anybody about it? Or are you the one who’s alreadyContinue reading “WHERE DO YOU HIDE YOUR FLOWERS?”


Even the February just has started, the weather here turned from winter to spring within the night! With each spring day, everything becomes colorful, but my first thought about it is Dandelion. So I’ve decided to put some words about this (as the ancients call it) Remedy. This is probably the most common weed on theContinue reading “MAKE A WISH”

#UPDATE breakthrough

The Align Yourself with Tea program officially was launched three weeks ago, so most people are in the second week of the journey. Cheers to you guys! I still have people catching up, and it’s there whenever you need it. The work should begin on Monday, no matter when you get it from me. Always start atContinue reading “#UPDATE breakthrough”


Dear Diary readers, yesterday I received a beautiful email that I wanted to share with you, because positive things should be shared to spread the magic, right?! 😀 Well, let’s do it! Like every other (or hopefully most) brand that cares about their improvement, send some kind of survey to their customers so they canContinue reading “DEAR DIARY”


Beautiful Sunday for beautiful news! Ok, it’s been raining here all day but that doesn’t have to stop us from feeling great, right?! 🙂 Black Rabbit Tea launched the new Tea Syrup – COCOisNUTs! Yes, it’s that amazing 😀 and we Love it, unapologetically! For some people, this will sound crazy, but once you try it there’sContinue reading “#COCOisNUTs”


Hey Tea lovers! The new tea blend is out at Black Rabbit Tea – BREATHE, but that’s not all! I’ve been working on my website last night. The part about terms and conditions, privacy policy, cookies, etc. Not the fun part at all, I must admit. But what inspired me to write this post isContinue reading “TEA OF A ROCKSTAR”