# UPDATE with love

This is a quick update about the Align Your Chakras with Tea Program! Since a lot of you contacted me through email and Instagram page, I wanted to share a few things here as well. It’s better to write the post and update you all at once 🙂 First of all, THANK YOU for stepping into this work!Continue reading “# UPDATE with love”


I’ll be your cook for the day! Just kidding 😀 I don’t like cooking. But I can brew you some delicious magic. I’ve got this recipe a long time ago and (of course) add something on my own, just to screw a bit the original. Haha! Sorry, that’s me. For the past week I’ve beenContinue reading “BLACK GINGER LATTE”


Have you read the ‘ROCK THAT ALIGNMENT’ post?  If you missed it, here’s the link to get to it faster. ROCK THAT ALIGNMENT – The Cup of Diary (wordpress.com) I wrote a little bit about the energy points (chakras) that lead our everyday life from the inside. How we feel, what we do, actions we take, whatContinue reading “ALIGN YOURSELF WITH TEA program”


Herb that loves the Sun, sage (Sukodawabuk). Thanks to Native American tribes, the practice of burning sage continues today. These people used it for medicine as well as to cleanse the air around them. But only under one condition; the herb must be grown in an exact way and energy. What we do today is justContinue reading “MOMENTS OF SAGE”


There was a conversation in our studio about what color should our ‘working’ space be? As we know, colors do affect parts of our brain, and how our brain is wired is how we gonna percept each color. It’s different for everybody. I like black. It’s the color of the unknown to me, also powerfulContinue reading “ENLIGHTENED SPACE”


Somebody asked me today:  ‘Where do you find all the inspiration for your posts?! I post twice a week and still find myself fighting the blanc page!’  I said: ‘I’ll write a post about it’ 😉 To be honest, that’s where I find inspiration. My resources are all around. And that’s the way that works forContinue reading “LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE”