WHAT IT TAKES, behind the scenes

Marketing is a serious thing.If you don’t have a clear marketing strategy, you will fall short in business. If you don’t know how to write a copy you will fall short.If you don’t know how to convert people with images & words, you can close the door of your shop. I talked to the marketingContinue reading “WHAT IT TAKES, behind the scenes”



We do so many different stuff daily.That’s good.That’s life. If we take a moment to scan our life… How present we are day to day?93% of people will say Oh, of course I’m present!If we take a moment to scan our body… How tuned in are we day to day?93% of people will say Oh,Continue reading “BREATHING MAGIC”


I woke up this morning and… maybe I should say even before I woke up, my brain already started playing a song in a loop. ‘ …You’re the sun who makes me shine…’  Lol. Does that happen to you? Waking up with a song in your head following you all day?   What I love to doContinue reading “MAKE LOVE.”


…because we have to practice that ‘muscle‘, always. It’s simple to shine, but it’s not always easy.  For a second, I thought that’s it, I’m getting bored, I have no more ideas, I killed it … and all those (Mercury kick, lol) thoughts. But Hell No! That wasn’t it. I just got tired for aContinue reading “SHINE ALL THE LIGHT YOU POSSIBLY CAN…”


Here’s some straightforward stuff … I need to be blunt about this. I wish to bring something new to the back end of Black Rabbit Tea, to bring some inspiring energy behind the scenes and reflect that on the front end. Do not worry, we still enjoy every task we do, but sometimes you just needContinue reading “MERCURY MAKES ME BLUNT”


If you’re not a Millenial child, you probably grew up outside 😀 Yup, winter, summer, wind, rain, snow… you name the weather, we were outside, playing, exploring… Therefore I was inspired to write this. Today I remembered how we ran through the nettle field just out of fun, and probably to show off in frontContinue reading “NETTLE love POTION”

dear Rosemary …

Here’s to the new herb that we absolutely love, Rosemary. Recently we launched the blend Survival Kit, perfect timing. With the crazy flu season in general, and with being stuck mostly home during the last two years, we wanted something to support the immunity better.  Let’s talk Rosemary, the herb of simple design, but strong effects.Continue reading “dear Rosemary …”


Making these holiday days special, as usual 🙂 We’re working on new projects, soon to be revealed, but until then… I’ve decided to give a discount on the products you love.  So, right now all digital files (books and programs) are at discount on the website!  We will probably keep this by the end ofContinue reading “ESPECIALLY for you”