There is some interesting stuff that crossed my mind… I have a cat that I adopted when she was so little, she had like a month… As animals grow they learn from their parents and older brothers and sisters everything that’s crucial for their survival; how to hunt, hide, play, jump, eat, and take careContinue reading “CROSSROADS”


​​Have I told you about the parsley tea tonic? Since I’ve discovered it I don’t use anything else for my face! I do, ok, occasionally haha, but I always go back to this one. Fast, easy, and homemade tonic my skin enjoys so much. Basically, a tonic is more important than face cream. I alwaysContinue reading “SO BRILLIANT!”


What I’ve learned drinking roasted dandelion tea… The first time I made it, I was curious, just wanted to taste that tea that smells like coffee. I wasn’t sure what to expect. From my previous experience, dandelion tea has a bit of a bitter taste and I like to blend it with other herbs toContinue reading “Mr.Dandy”


It’s good to be back! But still, my organization changed and I won’t be able to post every other day, as usual. Black Rabbit Tea is having an expansion period and my focus must go there. I do enjoy hopping on here with you, so I can’t just ignore it, haha. Anyways, the Instagram account will alsoContinue reading “BRINGING BACK SOME ROSES”


I have a bummer topic for today… I do hate this one, but a lot of people asked me this question because they see what’s happening, so I guess I should blog a bit (my thoughts) about it. I have a wonderful connection with people who are either already running their brands or just starting.Continue reading “but THEY CAN’T STEAL YOUR MAGIC!”


Hey my dear WP’s! I haven’t been writing for a while because I got caught up in million new things that are happening. We’re making some organizational changes at the Black Rabbit because we wanna be fully prepared for the new coming season.  Unfortunately, a lot of people still think that tea is a wonderful beverage onlyContinue reading “SOUL FEEDING”