This is something people in the biz don’t talk about… Cleaning the desk and changing the sheets time has come. As our biz grows, we grow with it. Of course, that will happen, that’s totally normal! If nothing else, we’re facing new stuff from time to time that requires us to evolve. And if weContinue reading “POWERFUL, RAW & TRUE”



This is just a quick check-in.  The wild ride that’s happening right now in my biz keeps expanding and I’m trying to cope with all that. Such massive gratitude for it! πŸ˜€ But hey, I wanted to share some quick insights with you because I believe it may serve you; First things first, I finallyContinue reading “CHECK-IN SUNDAY”


What do I need to do what you do? What do I need to make what you make? What do I need to see what you see? What do I need to become what you become? Find clarity, and act on it. I love people who ask questions. I love to get into a debate,Continue reading “WHAT DO WE NEED?”


My furry cat friend is sleeping beside me while I’m writing this. I heard once that cats go to the places in the house where they feel the negative energy is coming from and lay there to heal that spot and prevent the bad energy from spreading across the house (her territory :D). I don’tContinue reading “MY MAGIC FRIEND”


Can you feel the vibe of this place in the picture above? I choose it intentionally, or I’d rather say it found me πŸ˜€ and that’s why I want people to come and find you! Read through… I was looking for a new background for my laptop, just felt bored with the one I hadContinue reading “SHOW YOURSELF VIBIN’!”

SIP your way to DELIGHT

Time to announce! (drum roll!) πŸ˜€ The new book ‘The Most Delightful Tea Beverages’ is now available on the website! Your day will never be the same! The excitement is kicking the sky! It was a bit (hell) of a ride, between daily schedules I’ve managed to carefully select the recipes you would enjoy the most. ThereContinue reading “SIP your way to DELIGHT”