Wow, it’s been five days since I haven’t spilled a word on my blog. Time really goes by… feels like a restless night! I started writing about 20 years ago (23 exactly, I remember my first poem!) and since then I have been writing various kinds of stuff. My passion doesn’t lay in the genre,Continue reading “WRITE YOUR SPELL”


‘Change is the only constant in life’ … True. Last few days, I’ve been making some adjustments to the website. I was thinking about how can I rearrange some stuff so it would be easier for you (visitors) to find what you’re looking for. The woman who orders teas regularly freaked out (wasn’t that negativeContinue reading “THE LOVE BOMB”


I love when I see people either discover or rediscover the advantages of tea! Today I read a blog post from a wonderful woman that inspired me to write this. Here’s also the link to her blog, if you would like to check her posts on various topics 🙂 I really enjoy it. Mostly SingleContinue reading “GOOD RIDDANCE”


Brewing together makes the magic work better. Let’s talk Magic stuff. Do you know what it takes to create magic? Being in alignment with ourselves. Do you know what it takes to spread the magic? Sharing it. Working together. This is something I’ve promised myself I would do within the brand. I want to connectContinue reading “BE THAT HAPPY PLACE”


How do you get rid of spammers ?!?!?! I’m starting to freak out already! I have come to a point where I brew a cup of calming tea and sit to block and delete them all. It becomes a task now 😀 And it’s so annoying! Obviously, WP can’t (or won’t) do anything about it,Continue reading “I DO FREAK OUT, SOMETIMES”


​ Hope you spent a great weekend! I know for sure that some of you did 😉 Well, hello Monday, the joy is not over yet! The days of book editing are over and I feel refreshed. You know that wonderful feeling when something comes to completion 🙂 It’s launched on the website (do notContinue reading “UPLIFTING MONDAY”