From the very early times, people were telling stories. This was their way to pass knowledge, experiences, the way of thinking… which all served the community.  They were able to learn Who they Are, What can Do, Who they wish to Become. It all started with stories. They have the powerto Inspireto Comfortto Encourageto Awake.Continue reading “STORIES are MAGICAL”


Another Goddess walked into our magical tea space.We cherish her. She came to nurture our lovely women. Each one.She came to love You. Just like we do.🖤But she can access the places within you that we can not. Lady’s Mantle.The main herb of this blend. It’s commonly used to treat skin conditions (such as redness,Continue reading “SPIKE THE FEMME”

reBorn into the HELLYEAH!

3 years of walking through the most magical fire under my feet… together, Black Rabbit Tea & the people who come our way. 3 years of radical change within myself.Facing fears.Facing transformations.Facing a brand new Joy. 3 years of revealing things that were hidden behind the scenes… The most magical part is the moment whenContinue reading “reBorn into the HELLYEAH!”


Don’t let the long title discourage you to read through… It’s there for a reason.It’s there because we pull up together the blend that really, really hit our brain cells & puts us in a state of joy. Believe it or not, JOY is our natural state. Human natural state.And we are connected to natureContinue reading “THANK YOU FOR MAKING ME FEEL SO GOOD!”


How often do you look around your work area? No matter if we spend two hours or ten hours a day there, the space we work in can affect our creative levels, whether we realize it or not. It’s really important how we ‘set the stage’. I ran to a picture of some modern homeContinue reading “HACKING THE MYSTERY”


This is the story about the Lavender tea.And the story behind it… Under the purple storm, the divine is born. She’s awake & she’s magic.​There’s a fire burning inside but you won’t see the blister,but experience the spark. Walking softly through the fields of lifeher mind is peaceful & her smile wide. She knows yourContinue reading “PURPLE MAGIC”

FREE your nature, FREE your art

The organizational trap… How hard it is for you to organize?How easy it is for you to organize? I don’t know about you but I’m definitely falling in & out of this trap, lol. Do we really need to be skilled to organize our daily/weekly tasks, today?If you asked me this question 15 years ago,Continue reading “FREE your nature, FREE your art”