It’s good to be back! But still, my organization changed and I won’t be able to post every other day, as usual. Black Rabbit Tea is having an expansion period and my focus must go there. I do enjoy hopping on here with you, so I can’t just ignore it, haha. Anyways, the Instagram account will alsoContinue reading “BRINGING BACK SOME ROSES”


Hey my dear WP’s! I haven’t been writing for a while because I got caught up in million new things that are happening. We’re making some organizational changes at the Black Rabbit because we wanna be fully prepared for the new coming season.  Unfortunately, a lot of people still think that tea is a wonderful beverage onlyContinue reading “SOUL FEEDING”


Haven’t been out here for a while… I miss you guuuyss! 😀 I’ve been stretched around working on so many things and the thriving just gets better and better. Living in this energy is my space of freedom. We’re doing the work today so we can flow with ease tomorrow, haha, meaning that Black Rabbit Tea isContinue reading “SERVE YOUR TEA”

WooHoo! Pouring Gifts to you!

Woooooo! It’s been so crazy week here, so much amazing stuff starts to manifest and I’m thrilled to walk this journey! Don’t be mad humans, I just can’t tell you about them all but you’ll sense every part of the way 😀 Now, let me present to you the first thing I did last week,Continue reading “WooHoo! Pouring Gifts to you!”

SLIM TEA advice

I’m not being creative with this title because this is not a matter of creativity but awareness… Oh, don’t be scared, I’m bringing the good news, still 😀 Lately, my inbox gets filled with variations of one question ‘Which slim tea can you recommend?’ I’m confused… I believe like attracts like, and so far I’ve beenContinue reading “SLIM TEA advice”