I finished a new edition of the Chakra Alignment program!WooHoo!! 🙌 Can I get a WooHoo?!!! 😆 Creating an entrepreneur path is not the outside thing, it’s the inner work that we project on the outside. If you’re building a soul-led business, that’s how it goes. Your work becomes the extension of you and weContinue reading “THE ALIGNED REWARD”

GROUND & Go Play!

How to find that sense of grounding… or even better question would be how to allow one?! We start living like we’re not allowed to pause, there’s always something we ‘need’ to do. Well, my perspective is There’s always something I want to do. Today was my pajama day! Oh, Hell Yeah to that!Haven’t beenContinue reading “GROUND & Go Play!”


Making these holiday days special, as usual 🙂 We’re working on new projects, soon to be revealed, but until then… I’ve decided to give a discount on the products you love.  So, right now all digital files (books and programs) are at discount on the website!  We will probably keep this by the end ofContinue reading “ESPECIALLY for you”


How can I tell this right… synchronicity… manifestation… it’s all the energy that we’re projecting, therefore attracting. I am effortlessly finding new, amazing people! I stumble upon them, they stumble upon me, we just find each other out of nowhere, boom! just like that. This is how it looks like from our logical point of view… itContinue reading “The BRIGHT SIDE”


If you don’t go through your day with clarity, calm, and ease, don’t worry, that can be changed. You maybe just went out of inner balance and you’re projecting it to the outside world. But why does this matter? Simply and honestly? Because that’s how we create our reality, our everyday life, our present (therefore future).Continue reading “in CHAOS we RULE”


There is some interesting stuff that crossed my mind… I have a cat that I adopted when she was so little, she had like a month… As animals grow they learn from their parents and older brothers and sisters everything that’s crucial for their survival; how to hunt, hide, play, jump, eat, and take careContinue reading “CROSSROADS”


Do you know what’s the number one thing that gets us somewhere, or gets us nowhere? I asked many people this question and the most common answers are: MoneyMotivationOpportunitiesRelationships Hm… I gave it another thought and still, I must admit that I can not agree with any of it. Yes, these are ‘the devil’s little helpers’ 🙂Continue reading “MAKES ME WONDER…”


When we say Today I’m lazy. That’s fine, there’s nothing to worry about. Let’s be lazy, for that one day. But when we say I’m a lazy person, there goes the alarm! At least it should. Because we just labeled ourselves as lazy and give ourselves permission to: procrastinate, lower our energy, feed our negative thoughts, buildContinue reading “GROW YOUR TEA FLOWER”