We’re on TV session today 😀 Do you guys watch TV on a regular basis? Today I had a conversation with a woman from the community. We were chatting about the best tea for stress relief when we came to the conclusion that she watches TV a few hours a day. I advise her toContinue reading “HANGIN’ ON!”

#RESHARE Chakra Tea Program

I’m resharing this magical Chakra Tea Program because so many great results are happening to those who passed the first 4 weeks round. Some of them are eager to go further, so I’ve started to add personalized subprograms as well. I’ll talk more about that in some of the next posts, but for now, makeContinue reading “#RESHARE Chakra Tea Program”


Since we live in a world that’s moving faster and faster, I’m trying to catch up with its speed. Just kidding… 😀  But we are living in a time where things change quickly and we do need to catch up with those changes. Therefore I talk a lot about focus. If you’ve been reading myContinue reading “WE’RE ALL A LITTLE MAD HERE”


Was the school hard for you? I was never that kid with all good grades. Just hated the system, haha, still do. Because it’s never real. Lots of kids got discouraged because of it, it becomes the system of value. That’s not right.  But I loved going to school! I wish we can do itContinue reading “RELEASE THE MAGIC”


‘Intention without any action is just a wish’ Let’s say you make a desire or you set up the goal. What do you do? Do you let it stay in your head? Do you write it down on a piece of paper? Do you tell anybody about it? Or are you the one who’s alreadyContinue reading “WHERE DO YOU HIDE YOUR FLOWERS?”

#UPDATE breakthrough

The Align Yourself with Tea program (I’ll leave the link to it at the end of this post) officially was launched three weeks ago, so most people are in the second week of the journey. Cheers to you guys! I still have people catching on, and it’s there whenever you need it. The work should begin onContinue reading “#UPDATE breakthrough”


Have you read the ‘ROCK THAT ALIGNMENT’ post?  If you missed it, here’s the link to get to it faster. ROCK THAT ALIGNMENT – The Cup of Diary (wordpress.com) I wrote a little bit about the energy points (chakras) that lead our everyday life from the inside. How we feel, what we do, actions we take, whatContinue reading “ALIGN YOURSELF WITH TEA program”