Hey my dear WP’s! I haven’t been writing for a while because I got caught up in million new things that are happening. We’re making some organizational changes at the Black Rabbit because we wanna be fully prepared for the new coming season.  Unfortunately, a lot of people still think that tea is a wonderful beverage onlyContinue reading “SOUL FEEDING”


This is something people in the biz don’t talk about… Cleaning the desk and changing the sheets time has come. As our biz grows, we grow with it. Of course, that will happen, that’s totally normal! If nothing else, we’re facing new stuff from time to time that requires us to evolve. And if weContinue reading “POWERFUL, RAW & TRUE”


Do you know what’s the number one thing that gets us somewhere, or gets us nowhere? I asked many people this question and the most common answers are: MoneyMotivationOpportunitiesRelationships Hm… I gave it another thought and still, I must admit that I can not agree with any of it. Yes, these are ‘the devil’s little helpers’ πŸ™‚Continue reading “MAKES ME WONDER…”


What do I need to do what you do? What do I need to make what you make? What do I need to see what you see? What do I need to become what you become? Find clarity, and act on it. I love people who ask questions. I love to get into a debate,Continue reading “WHAT DO WE NEED?”

SLIM TEA advice

I’m not being creative with this title because this is not a matter of creativity but awareness… Oh, don’t be scared, I’m bringing the good news, still πŸ˜€ Lately, my inbox gets filled with variations of one question ‘Which slim tea can you recommend?’ I’m confused… I believe like attracts like, and so far I’ve beenContinue reading “SLIM TEA advice”

SIP your way to DELIGHT

Time to announce! (drum roll!) πŸ˜€ The new book ‘The Most Delightful Tea Beverages’ is now available on the website! Your day will never be the same! The excitement is kicking the sky! It was a bit (hell) of a ride, between daily schedules I’ve managed to carefully select the recipes you would enjoy the most. ThereContinue reading “SIP your way to DELIGHT”


I love when I see people either discover or rediscover the advantages of tea! Today I read a blog post from a wonderful woman that inspired me to write this. Here’s also the link to her blog, if you would like to check her posts on various topics πŸ™‚ I really enjoy it. Mostly SingleContinue reading “GOOD RIDDANCE”