This is the first time since I’ve started the blog that I left for almost the whole week. And I must say, I miss it 😀 But I have a wonderful reason for not posting, not an excuse! Here it comes; I’ve finally finished the Black Rabbit Tea website! WhooHooo! Sing with me! Let’s give itContinue reading “REWIND & REMIND”


#UPDATE expanded version

For some reason, this Sunday was a great moment to write about something I said I’ll give more information about. Those of you who connected with me on social media already know about it, but still, let me add further details here as well. It’s been about two months since I launched the Chakra Tea Program andContinue reading “#UPDATE expanded version”


Here’s something people who are biz owners struggle with a lot. And here I’m talking mostly about indie businesses, not the commercial ones. These people are mostly artists or creative souls in some way.  Should I give discounts or gifts?  I haven’t had a moment of struggle with this when I was starting and stillContinue reading “WITHIN THE MAGIC ZONE”


Monday… that poor day that nobody likes 😦 How would you feel if you’re Monday? Haha, don’t hate Mondays, it’s just a day like every other 😀 You may miss all the fun! But, this post is not about Mondays, although you could relate to it if you need a caffeine boost. Right now, IContinue reading “MONDAY COFFEE CUP”

#ANNOUNCEMENT for the Open Call for Artists

Guys, the door for design applications is closing on March 13th at midnight! Make sure to read this post if you haven’t yet; OPEN CALL FOR ARTISTS! – The Cup of Diary ( If you want to be part of this Art Collaboration and go head to head with other artists, let’s connect. Leave aContinue reading “#ANNOUNCEMENT for the Open Call for Artists”


‘A quiet mind is able to hear intuition over fear’ This is why tea matters. If you put everything aside and sip your tea for at least 10 minutes, in a quiet environment, it becomes a form of meditation. You can hear yourself loud and clear, your thoughts, your feelings, and make decisions a lotContinue reading “WONDERS OF TEA”


Amazing new stuff! I’m so excited to do this! This is an open call to all the artists who are Black Rabbit Tea fans already or will become one 😉 ! We opened the door of our Merch Shop for collaborations. In our world, artists are always supported. If you’re one of them, get inContinue reading “OPEN CALL FOR ARTISTS!”


I was talking to a great human the other day. He’s one of the rare people I could talk about meanings and perspectives, sociology, psychology, etc. He went live on social media to talk about this stuff and in the end, he left an open section for suggestions on what topic would we like toContinue reading “CREATE YOUR FREEDOM”