Here’s some straightforward stuff … I need to be blunt about this. I wish to bring something new on the back end of Black Rabbit Tea, to bring some inspiring energy behind the scenes and reflect that on the front end. Do not worry, we still enjoy every task we do, but sometimes you just needContinue reading “MERCURY MAKES ME BLUNT”


If you’re not a Millenial child, you probably grew up outside 😀 Yup, winter, summer, wind, rain, snow… you name the weather, we were outside, playing, exploring… Therefore I was inspired to write this. Today I remembered how we ran through the nettle field just out of fun, and probably to show off in frontContinue reading “NETTLE love POTION”

dear Rosemary …

Here’s to the new herb that we absolutely love, Rosemary. Recently we launched the blend Survival Kit, perfect timing. With the crazy flu season in general, and with being stuck mostly home during the last two years, we wanted something to support the immunity better.  Let’s talk Rosemary, the herb of simple design, but strong effects.Continue reading “dear Rosemary …”


Making these holiday days special, as usual 🙂 We’re working on new projects, soon to be revealed, but until then… I’ve decided to give a discount on the products you love.  So, right now all digital files (books and programs) are at discount on the website!  We will probably keep this by the end ofContinue reading “ESPECIALLY for you”


Hell Yeah! Let’s wrap up this year with something MAGICAL! Shall we?! Here, I choose to share one of the blogs that you’ve liked very much and certainly will benefit you in the future days. MANIFEST – The Cup of Diary ( This (last) year, I remember I wanted to manifest more energies. I wantedContinue reading “WRAPPING 2021 …”


It’s been a crazy day because today we celebrate the 2nd birthday of the Black Rabbit Tea brand! WooHoo! Last year was Awesome and this one is Magic! I can’t wait to see what the next one brings! As many of you who follow me for a long time (here or on social media) know, I started this outContinue reading “GIFTED AS HELL 02”

The Cup of Light

Today I was putting Christmas decorations on. The light bulbs were first on my radar! I wanted to do that for days and always end up doing something ‘more important’. Well, stop! What’s more important than what makes me feel good? Oh, that’s right, nothing 🙂 If we always move our desires aside because ofContinue reading “The Cup of Light”


13 days to New Year… Well, I’ll tell you a secret 🙂 I don’t believe in New Year. The calendars were invented by people and have been changed many times over time that we can not possibly be sure what ‘date’ really is. But what I do accept as New Year is the date ofContinue reading “THE SHIFT WE WISH FOR”