Just resharing this amazing tea recipe here because you all loved it so much! But before that… If you haven’t heard yet, there’s a digital book of similar tea beverage recipes, actually equally delightful tea recipes 🙂 If you’re someone who likes to try out new stuff, here’s the link to this published private collection! Continue reading “TEAs YOUR DAYS”


SIP your way to DELIGHT

Time to announce! (drum roll!) 😀 The new book ‘The Most Delightful Tea Beverages’ is now available on the website! Your day will never be the same! The excitement is kicking the sky! It was a bit (hell) of a ride, between daily schedules I’ve managed to carefully select the recipes you would enjoy the most. ThereContinue reading “SIP your way to DELIGHT”


This Sunday I was all up to trying something new (tea of course 😀 ). Since I ran out of my black tea (don’t ask how that happened!) I thought it would be nice to brew some new stuff to keep me boosted for the day.  Even it’s Sunday, at Black Rabbit Tea there are no long breaks still.Continue reading “ORANGE TEA LOVE”


I’ll be your cook for the day! Just kidding 😀 I don’t like cooking. But I can brew you some delicious magic. I’ve got this recipe a long time ago and (of course) add something on my own, just to screw a bit the original. Haha! Sorry, that’s me. For the past week I’ve beenContinue reading “BLACK GINGER LATTE”