Here’s a funny story. In our region, Lavender is used for banishing moths. Herbs are first dried and then stored in a cloth bag deep in the drawers or closets, to keep them free of these harmful insects. This way you know your clothes is safe for a long time, no ‘accidental’ whole will showContinue reading “DREAMS UNWIND”



I had the wildest dream last night!   I was having a Tea party with all the Rockstars, known and unknown to this world, but still amazing human beings.  To be honest, lately, I was thinking about hosting a Tea party for my community once the road for that gets clear and everyone is safe.Continue reading “ROCKSTARS DO DRINK TEA”


When you work in the service industry, no matter what kind of service, you deal with a lot of different people. Some of them are nice, compassionate, some hard to handle, some are just rude or mean, etc. Let’s just say a lot of different characters.  I’m really having a blast right now because itContinue reading “ENERGY SHIFT THAT ROCKS”