It’s been a crazy day because today we celebrate the 2nd birthday of the Black Rabbit Tea brand! WooHoo! Last year was Awesome and this one is Magic! I can’t wait to see what the next one brings! As many of you who follow me for a long time (here or on social media) know, I started this outContinue reading “GIFTED AS HELL 02”


This is just a quick check-in.  The wild ride that’s happening right now in my biz keeps expanding and I’m trying to cope with all that. Such a massive gratitude for that! 😀 But hey, I wanted to share some quick insights with you because I believe it may serve you; First things first, IContinue reading “CHECK-IN SUNDAY”


Every creator’s idea is heart incorporated. Small business owners strive for connections, for engagements, rather than focus on money. They need income, of course, to keep the biz flow but that’s not the main cause of their actions.  Creativity is, joy and sharing sparkle! If you’re a crafter on your own, you know the feeling. Continue reading “THE JOY SURVIVAL KIT”