Brewing together makes the magic work better. Let’s talk Magic stuff. Do you know what it takes to create magic? Being in alignment with ourselves. Do you know what it takes to spread the magic? Sharing it. Working together. This is something I’ve promised myself I would do within the brand. I want to connectContinue reading “BE THAT HAPPY PLACE”


Hey, amazing people! I’m excited to share the news with you 🙂 If you haven’t follow the story, check out this post first OPEN CALL FOR ARTISTS! – The Cup of Diary ( I’ve created the ARTISTS COLLAB project, as a support for other artists. And the journey was fun as hell, although there wereContinue reading “ARTISTS COLLAB”


Amazing new stuff! I’m so excited to do this! This is an open call to all the artists who are Black Rabbit Tea fans already or will become one 😉 ! We opened the door of our Merch Shop for collaborations. In our world, artists are always supported. If you’re one of them, get inContinue reading “OPEN CALL FOR ARTISTS!”