How often do you look around your work area? No matter if we spend two hours or ten hours a day there, the space we work in can affect our creative levels, whether we realize it or not. It’s really important how we ‘set the stage’. I ran to a picture of some modern homeContinue reading “HACKING THE MYSTERY”

WHAT IT TAKES, behind the scenes

Marketing is a serious thing.If you don’t have a clear marketing strategy, you will fall short in business. If you don’t know how to write a copy you will fall short.If you don’t know how to convert people with images & words, you can close the door of your shop. I talked to the marketingContinue reading “WHAT IT TAKES, behind the scenes”


There’s no fun in Ordinary. From an early age, whenever someone would say to me something like ‘Can you be normal? Can you choose normal stuff? Can you dress normally?’ … I would answer ‘Define normal’. I just couldn’t find the definition of it myself 😀 Years after, I realized that Normal means – social norms. Okay, so we all haveContinue reading “THERE’S NO FUN IN ORDINARY”


Hell Yeah, my dear diary readers! I have a new wonderful post for you this week 🙂 I say it’s wonderful because it may be of service to those of you who are running the creative biz. At least it may leap some questions about which way are you heading… And for sure I wouldContinue reading “THE POWER OF ROCKSTARS”


I have a bummer topic for today… I do hate this one, but a lot of people asked me this question because they see what’s happening, so I guess I should blog a bit (my thoughts) about it. I have a wonderful connection with people who are either already running their brands or just starting.Continue reading “but THEY CAN’T STEAL YOUR MAGIC!”


Haven’t been out here for a while… I miss you guuuyss! 😀 I’ve been stretched around working on so many things and the thriving just gets better and better. Living in this energy is my space of freedom. We’re doing the work today so we can flow with ease tomorrow, haha, meaning that Black Rabbit Tea isContinue reading “SERVE YOUR TEA”


Hey, amazing people! I’m excited to share the news with you 🙂 If you haven’t follow the story, check out this post first OPEN CALL FOR ARTISTS! – The Cup of Diary (wordpress.com) I’ve created the ARTISTS COLLAB project, as a support for other artists. And the journey was fun as hell, although there wereContinue reading “ARTISTS COLLAB”