There is some interesting stuff that crossed my mind… I have a cat that I adopted when she was so little, she had like a month… As animals grow they learn from their parents and older brothers and sisters everything that’s crucial for their survival; how to hunt, hide, play, jump, eat, and take careContinue reading “CROSSROADS”



It’s good to be back! But still, my organization changed and I won’t be able to post every other day, as usual. Black Rabbit Tea is having an expansion period and my focus must go there. I do enjoy hopping on here with you, so I can’t just ignore it, haha. Anyways, the Instagram account will alsoContinue reading “BRINGING BACK SOME ROSES”


Do you know what’s the number one thing that gets us somewhere, or gets us nowhere? I asked many people this question and the most common answers are: MoneyMotivationOpportunitiesRelationships Hm… I gave it another thought and still, I must admit that I can not agree with any of it. Yes, these are ‘the devil’s little helpers’ 🙂Continue reading “MAKES ME WONDER…”

SIP your way to DELIGHT

Time to announce! (drum roll!) 😀 The new book ‘The Most Delightful Tea Beverages’ is now available on the website! Your day will never be the same! The excitement is kicking the sky! It was a bit (hell) of a ride, between daily schedules I’ve managed to carefully select the recipes you would enjoy the most. ThereContinue reading “SIP your way to DELIGHT”


​ Hope you spent a great weekend! I know for sure that some of you did 😉 Well, hello Monday, the joy is not over yet! The days of book editing are over and I feel refreshed. You know that wonderful feeling when something comes to completion 🙂 It’s launched on the website (do notContinue reading “UPLIFTING MONDAY”


I met somebody yesterday. She played me Stevie Nicks vinyl record and I felt loved 😀 The thing is, I didn’t get her name right at first. Ugh, I always do that. And it’s rude, I hate it. Does that happen to you? When someone tells you their name by the handshake but you justContinue reading “ROCK A LITTLE DOVE”