The mystical question that keeps repeating, and I love it, because that means that its heart is still beating. Not that we don’t have other tools to measure it, but still, this is my favorite one; How does your brand magic work?! Let’s see if I can do this right…Brand is not a name.Brand isContinue reading “THE BEATING HEART”


When we say Today I’m lazy. That’s fine, there’s nothing to worry about. Let’s be lazy, for that one day. But when we say I’m a lazy person, there goes the alarm! At least it should. Because we just labeled ourselves as lazy and give ourselves permission to: procrastinate, lower the energy, feed our negative thoughts, buildContinue reading “GROW YOUR TEA FLOWER”


Dear Diary readers, yesterday I received a beautiful email that I wanted to share with you, because positive things should be shared to spread the magic, right?! 😀 Well, let’s do it! Like every other (or hopefully most) brand that cares about their improvement, send some kind of survey to their customers so they canContinue reading “DEAR DIARY”