13 days to New Year… Well, I’ll tell you a secret 🙂 I don’t believe in New Year. The calendars were invented by people and have been changed many times over time that we can not possibly be sure what ‘date’ really is. But what I do accept as New Year is the date ofContinue reading “THE SHIFT WE WISH FOR”


Hey my dear WP’s! I haven’t been writing for a while because I got caught up in million new things that are happening. We’re making some organizational changes at the Black Rabbit because we wanna be fully prepared for the new coming season.  Unfortunately, a lot of people still think that tea is a wonderful beverage onlyContinue reading “SOUL FEEDING”

SLIM TEA advice

I’m not being creative with this title because this is not a matter of creativity but awareness… Oh, don’t be scared, I’m bringing the good news, still 😀 Lately, my inbox gets filled with variations of one question ‘Which slim tea can you recommend?’ I’m confused… I believe like attracts like, and so far I’ve beenContinue reading “SLIM TEA advice”


I’ve been manifesting lately, a lot! Not that you care when someone else does, haha (love to tease), but seriously, you should! And here’s why… If you are the person who gets jealous when you see that someone else is getting what you just wanted, don’t be! If you get frustrated by that insight, don’tContinue reading “MANIFEST”


‘Intention without any action is just a wish’ Let’s say you make a desire or you set up a goal. What do you do? Do you let it stay in your head? Do you write it down on a piece of paper? Do you tell anybody about it? Or are you the one who’s alreadyContinue reading “WHERE DO YOU HIDE YOUR FLOWERS?”


I had the wildest dream last night!   I was having a Tea party with all the Rockstars, known and unknown to this world, but still amazing human beings.  To be honest, lately, I was thinking about hosting a Tea party for my community once the road for that gets clear and everyone is safe.Continue reading “ROCKSTARS DO DRINK TEA”