This is something people in the biz don’t talk about… Cleaning the desk and changing the sheets time has come. As our biz grows, we grow with it. Of course, that will happen, that’s totally normal! If nothing else, we’re facing new stuff from time to time that requires us to evolve. And if weContinue reading “POWERFUL, RAW & TRUE”


I’ve been manifesting lately, a lot! Not that you care when someone else does, haha (love to tease), but seriously, you should! And here’s why… If you are the person who gets jealous when you see that someone else is getting what you just wanted, don’t be! If you get frustrated by that insight, don’tContinue reading “MANIFEST”

#UPDATE expanded version

For some reason, this Sunday was a great moment to write about something I said I’ll give more information about. Those of you who connected with me on social media already know about it, but still, let me add further details here as well. It’s been about two months since I launched the Chakra Tea Program andContinue reading “#UPDATE expanded version”

# UPDATE with love

This is a quick update about the Align Your Chakras with Tea Program! Since a lot of you contacted me through email and Instagram page, I wanted to share a few things here as well. It’s better to write the post and update you all at once 🙂 First of all, THANK YOU for stepping into this work!Continue reading “# UPDATE with love”


‘You’re either on my side, by my side, or in my way’… This quote inspired me to write a post about setting boundaries. People need that… I’m someone who gives until she’s left with nothing, or I should say that was me. Still, I can’t shake off that giver coat, but at least I learnedContinue reading “DIVINE LIMITATIONS”


Today my inspiration dropped sooo low. I was thinking about what to post and couldn’t set my brain on one single thing that shines above the others. That’s how my process usually works. I have several ideas running through my head but there’s always one that sticks to me harder than the rest, and IContinue reading “HAVE YOU READ THE STARS TODAY ?”