Brewing together makes the magic work better. Let’s talk Magic stuff. Do you know what it takes to create magic? Being in alignment with ourselves. Do you know what it takes to spread the magic? Sharing it. Working together. This is something I’ve promised myself I would do within the brand. I want to connectContinue reading “BE THAT HAPPY PLACE”


This is the first time since I’ve started the blog that I left for almost the whole week. And I must say, I miss it 😀 But I have a wonderful reason for not posting, not an excuse! Here it comes; I’ve finally finished the Black Rabbit Tea website! WhooHooo! Sing with me! Let’s give itContinue reading “REWIND & REMIND”


What makes you feel like home? What’s that one thing, or a few, that always bring you that sensation of Home? This was a question I got today from someone in my community. Those people never stop to amaze me 😀 Even if I have opened social media account for marketing my teas, turned outContinue reading “BREW SOME MAGIC, DEAR”