I love when I see people either discover or rediscover the advantages of tea! Today I read a blog post from a wonderful woman that inspired me to write this. Here’s also the link to her blog, if you would like to check her posts on various topics 🙂 I really enjoy it. Mostly SingleContinue reading “GOOD RIDDANCE”

#UPDATE expanded version

For some reason, this Sunday was a great moment to write about something I said I’ll give more information about. Those of you who connected with me on social media already know about it, but still, let me add further details here as well. It’s been about two months since I launched the Chakra Tea Program andContinue reading “#UPDATE expanded version”

# UPDATE with love

This is a quick update about the Align Your Chakras with Tea Program! Since a lot of you contacted me through email and Instagram page, I wanted to share a few things here as well. It’s better to write the post and update you all at once 🙂 First of all, THANK YOU for stepping into this work!Continue reading “# UPDATE with love”


Monday, the first day of a new week, and the first week of the new year. Let’s start it with a high vibe! Shall we? 😀 ​I’m not sure how much are you familiar with the energies of chakras. ​But those internal points can block our way if we don’t keep them clean. Everything isContinue reading “ROCK THAT ALIGNMENT”


When you work in the service industry, no matter what kind of service, you deal with a lot of different people. Some of them are nice, compassionate, some hard to handle, some are just rude or mean, etc. Let’s just say a lot of different characters.  I’m really having a blast right now because itContinue reading “ENERGY SHIFT THAT ROCKS”