I don’t believe in miracles.I believe in CREATION. Yesterday a friend said to me:’You’re so lucky! Look how you always draw amazing people to work with.’ Yes. And thank you. But there’s nothing special about me.Not any more than there is about you.We draw in what we put out there. That’s all that is. WhenContinue reading “PREPARE FOR THE BLISS”

WooHoo! Pouring Gifts to you!

Woooooo! It’s been so crazy week here, so much amazing stuff starts to manifest and I’m thrilled to walk this journey! Don’t be mad humans, I just can’t tell you about them all but you’ll sense every part of the way 😀 Now, let me present to you the first thing I did last week,Continue reading “WooHoo! Pouring Gifts to you!”


Opportunities don’t come by a chance, we create them. This is what I believe. This is what I’m constantly working on.  What might happen to most of the people that are working on some ‘dream come true’ project, or whatever it might be, is one of the two things: Lack of consistency Giving up too early OfContinue reading “ENJOY THE RIDE”


Based on a lot of research and personal experimenting, I found some important basics for better creativity and productiveness. If we want to keep ourselves sharp in this area, we will need: *Good immune system *Sharp brain/focus *Light heart *Courage Seems like a lot of work, right? 🙂 But guess what, if we do itContinue reading “LAZY or CRAZY ?”