This is the story about the Lavender tea.And the story behind it… Under the purple storm, the divine is born. She’s awake & she’s magic.​There’s a fire burning inside but you won’t see the blister,but experience the spark. Walking softly through the fields of lifeher mind is peaceful & her smile wide. She knows yourContinue reading “PURPLE MAGIC”


Here’s a funny story. In our region, Lavender is used for banishing moths. Herbs are first dried and then stored in a cloth bag deep in the drawers or closets, to keep them free of these harmful insects. This way you know your clothes is safe for a long time, no ‘accidental’ whole will showContinue reading “DREAMS UNWIND”


I had the wildest dream last night!   I was having a Tea party with all the Rockstars, known and unknown to this world, but still amazing human beings.  To be honest, lately, I was thinking about hosting a Tea party for my community once the road for that gets clear and everyone is safe.Continue reading “ROCKSTARS DO DRINK TEA”