“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking” Do you know this quote by Henry Ford?Today, Ford is not a small brand at all. But they were once. They had their baby steps, like every other business. But once small business reaches some point of success they become big ones. Furthermore, they becomeContinue reading “SMALL TOWN WORKS”


Here’s some straightforward stuff … I need to be blunt about this. I wish to bring something new to the back end of Black Rabbit Tea, to bring some inspiring energy behind the scenes and reflect that on the front end. Do not worry, we still enjoy every task we do, but sometimes you just needContinue reading “MERCURY MAKES ME BLUNT”


There’s no fun in Ordinary. From an early age, whenever someone would say to me something like ‘Can you be normal? Can you choose normal stuff? Can you dress normally?’ … I would answer ‘Define normal’. I just couldn’t find the definition of it myself 😀 Years after, I realized that Normal means – social norms. Okay, so we all haveContinue reading “THERE’S NO FUN IN ORDINARY”


Hell Yeah, my dear diary readers! I have a new wonderful post for you this week 🙂 I say it’s wonderful because it may be of service to those of you who are running the creative biz. At least it may leap some questions about which way are you heading… And for sure I wouldContinue reading “THE POWER OF ROCKSTARS”


This is something people in the biz don’t talk about… Cleaning the desk and changing the sheets time has come. As our biz grows, we grow with it. Of course, that will happen, that’s totally normal! If nothing else, we’re facing new stuff from time to time that requires us to evolve. And if weContinue reading “POWERFUL, RAW & TRUE”


Opportunities don’t come by a chance, we create them. This is what I believe. This is what I’m constantly working on.  What might happen to most of the people that are working on some ‘dream come true’ project, or whatever it might be, is one of the two things: Lack of consistency Giving up too early OfContinue reading “ENJOY THE RIDE”


Here’s something people who are biz owners struggle with a lot. And here I’m talking mostly about indie businesses, not the commercial ones. These people are mostly artists or creative souls in some way.  Should I give discounts or gifts?  I haven’t had a moment of struggle with this when I was starting and stillContinue reading “WITHIN THE MAGIC ZONE”


Hey Tea lovers! The new tea blend is out at Black Rabbit Tea – BREATHE, but that’s not all! I’ve been working on my website last night. The part about terms and conditions, privacy policy, cookies, etc. Not the fun part at all, I must admit. But what inspired me to write this post isContinue reading “TEA OF A ROCKSTAR”