like, MADNESS!

Let’s take a break because this year summer feels harder than ever! Madness! 😀 I lost a few pounds, not that I wanted to, but I have increased the amount of liquids intake. When the weather is this hot, I drink about 2l of water and 4 cups of tea daily. Not even counting theContinue reading “like, MADNESS!”



Well hello, Summer! We’ve been dealing with serious heat for the past few days and it doesn’t seem it will end soon. 40 degrees Celsius in some parts of the city, but the real deal is the city center, where the temperature goes up to 50C! Carrying a bottle of water with you is justContinue reading “SECOND DATE WITH HOT NATURE”


It’s been quiet here these days … especially later at night and early in the morning. It wasn’t like that before. I live in a very fast and loud city (for this region), but lately, nature managed to be louder than us, humans, haha. I love that! I like loud music but hate loud people.Continue reading “CAN SUMMER TRICK YOU?”