Was school hard for you?

I was never that kid with all good grades. Just hated the system, haha, still do. Because it’s never real. Lots of kids got discouraged because of it, it becomes a system of value. That’s not right. 

But I loved going to school! I wish we can do it forever 😀 Whenever I wanted to do something around the house my mom would always say ‘Your job is to play and learn’ (she wasn’t really happy about this later when she needed me to wash the dishes, haha) and I listened. I played with friends as much as possible and I learned (still learning) what interests me. Now I can openly say ‘I know nothing about it’ and nobody can give me an F. That’s cool. Once you get out of school learning becomes fun!

But what I see a lot is that people forget to find the time to invest in themselves. That’s not cool, not for them, not for the rest of us as well. We cannot know all, and I’m not saying we should. But we all got some points of interest that should be expanding. No, you don’t have o read a bunch of books about the topic (unless you want to, which is great), but nowadays we can find many other ways to explore new stuff, like blogs, podcasts, live sessions, social media (use it right)… but what people rather choose is that basic self-difference sentence ‘I have no time for that!’ I can understand… kids, house, dogs, job, parents, friends… so many obligations during the day. That’s ok, that’s life. But what kind of life? What kind of life are we living when we have no time for ourselves? Who’s life are we living? Or, we’re just hiding behind the time curtain? Do you face your day or do you just go through it?

Too many questions, I know. But once we (find the time to) answer them, the whole perspective will shift. Yes, it will be better! Why does this matter? Because when we’re good for ourselves we are good for others, too. 

Now, imagine that you don’t run through the house trying to manage it all, but actually be present with your family while everything else is taken care of. And I’m not talking about you hiring someone to take care of it, no, you just shift to learn to manage it differently. 

Imagine that you’re present with your dog while walking him out. Not just walk him out to do what he’s got to do but spend some time playing or running together. How happy would he be?

Imagine that you walk out of the office knowing that you can use some air, not rushing by the clock.

Imagine that you have more time for everything. Because you do. 24h a day, that’s the same amount of hours for all of us. If I ever get more, I’ll lend you some 😀 But right now, we’re all stuck with that 24h. 

And here’s what I challenge you to do. Ready? It may sound too much, but once you begin you’ll see how easy it is.

First, RELEASE (please!) that ‘I have no time!’. Because it’s not true, it’s just how you feel. Stop thinking like that, stop saying it! Your mind believes your words and acts accordingly. So whenever that thought shows up, bite your tongue and change it to ‘I have time for that’.

We need so little to fuel our energy for the day. So begin small. Take 10 min a day for yourself. Since I wanted to talk about learning specifically in this post, I encourage you to take 10 min a day to read or try something new, something that interests you. Don’t worry if you think you can’t learn anything in 10 min, trust me, you can. And if it wakes the spark tomorrow you’ll give it another 10 min, or more. Over time you won’t learn to do everything you need to do in these 10 mins of course, haha, but you will learn that for some actions, even a small amount of time can lead you to much greater results.

10 minutes a day. Can you really not give that to yourself?

I’m straightforward with these things. Because if it comes in a good package we never hear it. It becomes just some mumbling about the time and life, and… whatever. So, I like to talk openly and directly. Yes, there are some of you on the other side who will be triggered but think about it for a second… What really triggers you? The straightforward approach or the question itself? 

Just for the record, I love you 🙂 

That’s why I’m trying to wake that MAGIC in you, in everybody. Because it’s freeing, because it’s wonderful, because everybody should feel it. And you can, too, only if you want to. Get out of your own way and let it through!

I have a dear friend, we know each other for a long time and in the past few years, she managed to follow this. On a daily basis, she has some time that’s reserved for her well-being. It consists mostly of meditation, sometimes 20 min in the morning and sometimes even longer. During the day, she does a regular yoga session (about 45 min at least), then a training or several pages of the book about the specific topic. She’s in the healing industry (that’s the shortest way to explain it :D). But the point is, no matter what happens in the world, she holds that time a day for herself only. And I completely respect that. I can’t even tell you how much she has accomplished so far, and how fast she’s moving forward. Of course, that deserves respect!

And that’s what I’m talking about. Find what’s right for you and add it to your daily routine. Stick to it. Hold it as your treasure. I assure you, everything around you will change once you expand yourself. Learn. Grow.

10 min a day, that’s the challenge! 

Pour a cup of tea and let me know, are you accepting this challenge? Comment below. 

If you want to go deeper and align yourself for more actions, for bigger results, and that feeling of power, you will have to invest more time in yourself. For that matter, you may wanna try the Alignment Tea Program.

Here’s a quick link to it;



  1. Fartfist says:

    Sending you love and positive energy, BRTL!
    You are providing a wonderful service to the world.
    I wish you all of the balance in your life and the largest successes you can stand!!!
    May you never get sand in your sandals.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you FF for your wonderful words!

      But hey, sand is important to have…just a little, not to much 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Fartfist says:

    Then may you always feel the sand between your toes in a pleasant but moderate fashion! Sand is a part of life, your words are true!

    ~The Fist

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hahaha, you too FF, just a little 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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