Let’s do this!

Breathe in.
Breathe out.

If you don’t feel that easy flow through your lungs, it’s time to brew some Aniseed tea!

This marvelous herb is our breathing friend 😀 But let’s start from the beginning…

It was first cultivated in Egypt, a looong, looong, long time ago, but now it’s available throughout the whole world. If you wish to grow it on your own, just make sure to put the seeds in a permanent container, or garden, because the herb doesn’t like to be transplanted. So, once you start the process don’t move it, just take care of it. Anise likes the sun and water, nice weather overall, but if you live in some colder location, no worries, you can still grow it inside. 

The great aniseed tea works for us on so many levels, but let’s cover just a few first and then we’ll head to some stories of a different interest (you know that’s how I like it 🙂 ).

If you have eyesight problems, this herb is there for you. Drink about 5 grams of aniseed in the morning and the same amount in the afternoon. Give it some time and watch the change. If you need it just for prevention then drink a regular amount of anise tea often. 

Anise is usually part of syrups against coughs and respiratory problems. That is why I started this post with a breathing checker because it increases breathing capacity. And besides that, it helps to regulate the digestive system, as well. The whole body benefits from it. But let’s go further…

Oral hygiene is something lot of people struggle with (bad breath as well as oral inflammation) but not those who use this herb for mouthwash. It’s not always enough to just brush your teeth. Our mouths are the dirtiest part of our body, as you know, so it’s important to have proper mouth hygiene. Brew some tea, let it cool a bit, and rinse your mouth with it.

For all those women out there, the days of ‘those painful days’ sometimes of the month are over! Anise is the pain reliever as well as the regulator for this matter 😉

And now all the fun starts!

Do you have sleeping disorders? Do you have those scary nightmares? Or just bad dreams that make you feel sh**ty in the morning? Look no further. Aniseed is your dream catcher. No spells, no woo woo, just the magic from nature! Herbs have the power, the energy to release what we don’t wish for. Use them intentionally. Put a bag of aniseed under your pillow and sleep tight. Take a walk through your best dreams. 

Yet, before you fall asleep, there’s one more secret this herb is keeping. Passion! It can boost libido. So, before a magic sleep, you may want to try some romantic play 😉 

That’s what I’ve got for you today! Marvelous anise tea.

So far, I add it to the Black Rabbit Breathe blend, to soothe the lungs and enrich breathing. The inspiration for this blend came one night while I was practicing yoga. People who do yoga know that as we practice, over time the breathing becomes deeper. But at that moment I felt the opposite, so I thought what could I do to get back on track. I started mixing herbs, and from three different blends that I made, this one was the bomb I was looking for. So, the bomb was born and named BREATHE. It’s a mixture of green tea, marigold, aniseed, and mint and is so soothing on the throat, purging the space down to the lungs and stomach. Breathing turned to flow again.

Find this magic on the website. 

Here’s the link; 

Breathe | Black Rabbit Tea



  1. I didn’t know that aniseed is so good for you. 😀

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    1. Good for all of us 😁 Have you tried it? It has specific aroma you won’t forget ✨

      Liked by 1 person

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