Let’s activate some new passions…

Lately, I’ve been doing some new stuff, okay, not exactly new but things that I haven’t done for a very long time. I talk about the tea-drinking routine, but personally, I’m not a fan of routines at all. What I call a daily routine is drinking tea (and coffee), eating, showering… that’s the daily routine (a Must do) 😀 Other than that, I love to keep my day open to what I feel like doing that day.

I’m not sure if you’re familiar with this fact, but women have 4 cycles of testosterone during a day, while men have only one! So, that explains our mood changes several times during the day 🙂 This means that men wake up in one mood and that’s their mood for the day, while women… well, we could change every several hours. Truth to be told, this is an internal thing and I rarely experience it in a big way.

So, besides the basic daily routine (personal hygiene), I have stuff that I usually do, like reading, yoga, going outside, connecting with my community, working around the brand… and those are things that I can do if I’m up to and skip if I feel like it. Why does this matter? Because I wasn’t taught this way. I was taught that I HAVE TO do stuff. We don’t have to do anything, and once this clicked in my head the whole perception and the way I’m showing up changed. Yes, it took me years to learn (and accept) this, because there’s always the fear kicking from the old beliefs. Like, if I don’t DO things, how will I survive?!

The switch that happened was from How do I do things to What do I do to make me feel good? Because from the point of feeling good we always, always get the results we’re looking for, and the most important thing is, we are safe! We will survive! Feeling good wakes the creative juices that lead us to actions that lead to results. Simple as that. How we think is how we act.

Who taught me this? My inner mentor 🙂 Just kidding… or not…

The way I was feeding my soul and my brain got me there. From external learning (actually choosing what to learn) to actions, to results. This is where I made my Align Your Chakras Program from.

P.S. If you’re new to me and haven’t read about this program yet, here’s the quick link to it;

Now, I can have an open day for stuff that I like to do. For example, I used to make my own clothes, even made a little brand, but when it stopped being that fun I let it go. Yesterday, I pulled out my sewing machine and did it again. It’s not something I’m interested in for a long ride, but it was fun to refresh that feeling and create something new.

My point here is this;

We can always find (or create), and should! always find (or create) some time to do what we enjoy doing!

We all have 24h a day and if it’s the same old routine, that 24h turn to… no time for anything, no will, procrastination, and no satisfaction at all. Obligations have their place, but I’m sure some of them can be rescheduled and make more room for the ME thing.

Make yourself a nice cup of your favorite beverage and have a wonderful rest of the day!


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