Have you ever thought about where are you going?
Have you ever thought about when will you get there?
Or How…?

Yes, you probably did. And that How part usually kills us the most. It feels like slamming your head against the wall. It feels like your brain cells are going to explode. It feels like you are dumb for this.
Until something opens up and clears the fog in front of you, to see that the only How is by keeping that Fire inside burning.

That is HOW it WORKS!

Locking in the vision you have is one thing. That’s the first step. Then walking towards it is the next one. Finally, walking it out is the moment when it becomes ALIVE in your reality.

It can not happen if we skip the steps. I know, we all want to. But how would it feel if you just flip your fingers & all you wish just comes true, instantly? How would it feel? Give it a real thought for a second…

It would feel magical. It would feel amazing. It would feel like a Hell Yeah!
Except it would last very shortly….
Very soon it will start to feel boring, uninspiring, unThatMagical.

Because there’s really no magic in it. It’s all in the process of creating it.
All the REAL MAGIC is right there! In that fire that burns inside, in that first fail, in that small wins…. in that final release.

Then it all creates a new vision. We are inspired to do more… and move further… and even more…

That’s how it all goes, that’s how it works and that is how we get where we desire to be.

The vision we had is now ALIVE at the Black Rabbit Tea.
We opened a space for Music artists.

I would love if you take a look and let me know how you feel about it.
Do you feel that FireWorks inside?!

Music Shop



    1. Thanks for sharing! 🖤


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