Brewing together makes the magic work better.

Let’s talk Magic stuff.

Do you know what it takes to create magic? Being in alignment with ourselves.

Do you know what it takes to spread the magic? Sharing it. Working together.

This is something I’ve promised myself I would do within the brand. I want to connect and collaborate with others. Because I believe that that’s how we create meaningful magic. 

When I talk to people who want to work with me, I don’t sell, I don’t take from them, but give attention to what will make them feel good and what will make me feel good about it. That way we always come to an agreement that works both ways. Not just financially, but working together feels really great. 

And during this time, I noticed there’s not much of this approach. I completely understand why (business terms), but still, I choose to work differently. It’s not about making a profit. Of course, we will make a profit if we work from a place of joy! I’ve proved it to myself many times! Seriously, I’ve talked about this in some of my posts, if we enjoy what we do, we will succeed! If we’re in with passion, we will create that circle people would love to be in. Because they will feel that. Because they would want to be part of it. Because we will create something they will enjoy for sure!

Think about it.

How do you feel entering a shop and seeing that dull face on a salesperson? Like ‘Hello, did you really have to enter the shop and now I have to serve you?’

And how do you feel entering a shop where they greet you with a big smile?

Makes difference, right?

Now, how do you feel entering a shop where the seller is actually glad to see you, greet you and be there for any questions you may have? Sounds like a fairytale, right? Well, it’s not. Because that person enjoys the time on the job. That person is naturally friendly, likes to meet new people, and serves with compassion.

And that’s a big difference. I would never hire somebody who doesn’t fit this description. Because he/she will never be able to do it right, therefore, he/she and I will be both miserable. Right? And I have the same approach when it comes to collaborations. It has to be fun for both sides!

I have new people still joining the Artist Collab project. They work on new designs for mugs. You should check it out, guys! I’m so excited!

We do ship worldwide, so don’t hesitate to order one for yourself or a gift for somebody 🙂 And make sure to follow these amazing artists, see what more they have to offer!

I’ll leave a link for you;

Home | Black Rabbit Tea

Have a wonderful week ahead!



  1. I agree with you in theory! There are many that can pass the interview with flying colors and get hired, while another is passed by. The reason? A big smile and a degree can turn into a grumpy unsatisfied employee with the blink of an eye. If I were the manager I would visit the business disguised if possible, and see what my employees are doing and how they are acting.

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    1. If employers and employees come to an agreement that works both ways, there’s no need for disguising. They will appreciate you once you start appreciate them.


    1. Thank you for spreading the magic 🙏🏿


  2. ponzoblogs says:

    Sadly because covid I can’t do my hobby 😦


    1. What’s your hobby? 🙂

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      1. ponzoblogs says:

        You can read all about it in my latest blogpost

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      2. Thanks for stopping by 🤍

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