How can I tell this right… synchronicity… manifestation… it’s all the energy that we’re projecting, therefore attracting.

I am effortlessly finding new, amazing people! I stumble upon them, they stumble upon me, we just find each other out of nowhere, boom! just like that. This is how it looks like from our logical point of view… it just happens. But what’s behind that is our (and their) constant projection of energies, giving, seeking & receiving. It’s a long process that we can not objectively explain. What we put out there is coming back to us, not the other way around.

I often hear people say ‘Until this change I won’t… Until I get this, I won’t give…’ Well, until we do, give or change first, we cannot manifest it our way. It all starts with us. We change our energy in order to change the outside world.

Yes, we struggle with this for a while. Our brain won’t let us accept this instantly, because the ego has to be protected. But once we do allow to believe it, it’s like the stream has changed and suddenly it all starts to flow effortlessly, things come our way, and things happen to us.

And the only question that needs an answer here is Am I ready for this? 

Well, here’s where the Align Yourself with Tea Program can be of great assistance.

A friend of mine was doing this program last summer. At first, she had some resistance to starting it, then was the start/stop phase, and after a while, she made a decision and devotedly did it. Now she was ready! Yesterday, she said… ‘I saw this (some issue) while I was doing the program, but I didn’t want to deal with it before, now it’s back.’ 

This program will make us face stuff we would usually run away from. Nothing to be scared of, we always want to ignore the things we don’t like, but here’s the catch – it doesn’t go anywhere! It stays within us, piling up with the rest of the ignored stuff, and sooner or later it all grabs us. We need to face it as soon as possible, release it, and move on. Otherwise, it will always pull us back.

Well, I pour myself a nice Mr.Dandy cuppa and have a wish to share this with you here.

If this resonates with you or you know someone who would need this, here’s the link to the program;

Align Your Chakras Program

The program is a digital version, so you’re getting it directly to your inbox! Then, it’s up to you when you will start it. Works best from Monday to Monday, but the choice is all yours 🙂 

Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. I love synchronicities and when things just flow! Sipping some tulsi rose tea as I’m reading. New to it and I love it. (It’s ayurvedic, apparently).

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    1. That’s so amazing! 🙌🏿 Welcome to the tea drinking world 🫖✨

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      1. Thanks! Been drinking it for almost half a decade.

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      2. Hahaha, oh, by ‘New to it’ I thought you’re new to Tea in general 😆

        Thanks for clearing that out 🤍

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