The Cup of Light

Today I was putting Christmas decorations on. The light bulbs were first on my radar! I wanted to do that for days and always end up doing something ‘more important’. Well, stop! What’s more important than what makes me feel good? Oh, that’s right, nothing 🙂

If we always move our desires aside because of something (or someone) else, we will end up without what we desire in our lives, for ourselves. End of story. Take care of yourself first, so you can take care of others. Do what lights you up so you can spread that light to others. 

So, I cleared the schedule that I had for today, and take care of what I wanted to create for myself. The home got a new atmosphere and I had a moment to cherish that. I pour rosemary tea (one of my favorites lately) and let myself enjoy it for a few moments in that new light. The holiday spirit really came on and I feel much better! I lit some candles, because they always bring even more magic into the space, put some music on and went on with my day… ok it was evening already, but that doesn’t matter, because my day starts when I wake up and ends when I go to sleep (not aware of the time in each phase, hahaha. That’s when I don’t have to be aware of it). It’s 2 am now, for instance, and I’m enjoying hanging here on the blog, reading your stuff, and putting some of mine because lately, I put my blog aside as well. Not happy about it. 

I miss writing… Hm, I may add that as a priority in 2022 🙂 ‘Get back to writing’

So, my point for today is The little things are what makes our experience unique. Those are the essence of any magic, the details…

Don’t be afraid to buy that mug you really like, for milk, coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, it doesn’t matter. It’s not a waste of money if it brings you even the smallest pleasure.

Purchase from your local artists (if you like something of course), that way you’re supporting someone’s work and your desire!

Light some candles on and enjoy their smooth light.

Smudge your home whenever you feel like it! There’s no harm in doing it often either. 

Bring some new herbs into your space.

Create that feeling you enjoy around you! That’s what this is all about. It’s not just Do what you enjoy, it’s also Be where you enjoy.

These little things will hurt nobody and we won’t spend much money on them but we will spend the next amount of time Enjoying them! And that’s the whole point, to create the experience for ourselves. I can easily make you a cup of tea that will taste nice, but that’s not always enough. I teach my community not to sip tea on the go (there’s nothing wrong with that either when you really don’t have the time) but to create the space, and the whole experience. That way we’re healing and rejuvenating our body and our mind, the energy goes both ways and the healing happens much faster. What I mean by healing are those little refreshments during the day that we naturally seek, but also some deeper ones, both matter!

When we’re good we do good. 

Let the flow come with ease. Create a space in your life for thrills. Create those thrills. Welcome them, and there will be more. We often forget this because we get caught up in those daily actions, but this is something that we have to make time for, it doesn’t just happen. If we wait until we find time for it, we miss a lot. And why? Because the laundry is more important? I love to use the laundry as a perfect example because we make excuses for such stupid things. And the best part is we are making those excuses for ourselves! 😀 Funny isn’t it… that’s what we all do. 

‘Oh, I would love to sip that tea and read a book a little, but I need to wash my hair’… Then we go wash the hair, dry it, curl it and style, wash our face, put a face mask on, clean it all up, put the cream… and spend much more time on so many things that we could spend on that tea and book that we said we wanted… or movie, or whatever we desire…

Here’s the trick; We always do what we want! So next time you say I don’t have time for this, remember that it should be I don’t want to do this, but that. You will see how much this will shift you, from having more time to also having more fun 😉

Just take a moment, look around, take some deep breaths… inhale… exhale… and think of the one little thing that will bring you that spark of joy. Then create that. It’s that simple. Put this trick on repeat and very soon you will have the habit of bringing joy to yourself every day!

Have fun! and if you desire some fresh leaves, make sure to jump to the website;



  1. wendyjmusings says:

    Candles and soft lighting are almost religious in Denmark for those cold winter nights. I think it’s why I love decorating so early in the season. Brightens up a dark home. This sounds lovely.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Wendy, I totally agree ✨ Let’s not wait till Christmas to bring that lights on ✨🤍🤗


      1. wendyjmusings says:

        Yes! Merry Christmas to you!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. vaniheart says:

    Such a beautiful post…..
    All those small things which brings pleasure to us…doesn’t have to make logical sense to anybody else. Just do it… because you feel like it ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! Exactly! Thank you for bringing it to awareness 🙌🏿 That matters so much and we tend to just dismiss it… ✨🤍


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