The mystical question that keeps repeating, and I love it, because that means that its heart is still beating. Not that we don’t have other tools to measure it, but still, this is my favorite one; How does your brand magic work?!

Let’s see if I can do this right…
Brand is not a name.
Brand is the space (owners & team) create for others.
Brand is an experience.

We all need someone/something to help us, or someone/something we feel good around. When I say help, that also means support, or teach, heal…. benefit on any level. So, everything and everyone is a brand. Yes, I’ll repeat that so it can sink in – EVERYTHING and EVERYONE.

Brand is not label. Branding is labeling. Brand is a created space where people feel good whether they use the product, or the service.
This is the concept that I use to design my brands. And this is the only way I know how to do it best, my kinda way.

Do you ever think about the bakery where you buy your favorite bread, for example? Well, from the moment you walk in, to the moment you walk out, the overall experience is followed by several actions from their side; The way they greet you upon the entrance, the time you spend waiting, the customer service, the cost, the interior, maybe they compliment you, smile… every little detail. And then, it’s not over yet. Then comes the moment when you are home, enjoying the moment and eating the bread. All of that represents & defines their Brand.

The thing is, we hardly think about a bakery as a brand, right? We certainly don’t think about our best friend as a brand, or ourselves, but think about it from this perspective. When we ask our friend for advice, we are actually using his/hers service. The thing is, we don’t pay for it, which is why we don’t consider it as a service but expect to get it.

I’ve created a space because I wanted to light up people’s days. Because I was sick of watching them around feeling down, low energy, pessimistic….. I was tired of explaining to them that it’s not about what life brings to you, but what YOU bring into your life.

It’s that simple!

Black Rabbit Tea is one of the amazing things that I brought into my life, and into many others, and I would never trade that energy for anything less.
I think musicians can feel this best, or people in the healing industry. When you touch a heart that is not yours, a whole new world opens.

For you, my tea brand is an inspiration, support & open space where I want you to feel good, and free! The magic that our tea blends bring is (just) the extra space 🙂

That’s why our doors are always open for any question you may have, and about anything. It doesn’t have to be tea related. Because from that space, we connect with people and create magical experiences TOGETHER.

Brand is not a bad word. Brand is not a label. Brand is a space, experience.

Love ya.

Head on to our social media to meet Black Rabbit Tea.


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