Here’s an amazing thing about herbs;

We can use them for absolutely anything! Except for the digital projects πŸ˜€ But hey, even there, we’ll either take a photo or put a plant near the laptop to refresh our eyes from time to time.

So, yes, we can find a purpose for plants in every aspect of our daily life. Food, drinks, bath, refreshments, cosmetics, medicine, clothing, building, sculpturing, and even writing (I’m still in love with pen and paper).

I decided to go with tea as my main ‘herb biz’, but before that, I was making my own soaps. Adding spices and dry leaves was the biggest fun there. You can focus on color and dip something like hibiscus to give it a pink shade, or if you want to go for the smell, add cinnamon. There’s no right or wrong there, play as much as you like. But, over time I felt the need to explore more… And I start using herbs for bathing.

You know that idealistic picture, warm bath, complete silence (or some nice, peaceful music), candles, and roses; you lay there and just let your all energy centers cleanse… Well, truth to be told, that never happened. There was a nice warm bath, but the complete silence in the building I live in is a mission impossible πŸ˜€ (even during the night hours). I got used to that very fast, what else can be done, but there are days when it can be challenging…Β 

Ok, so the nice bath I was referring to was consisting of warm water, Epsom salt, and herbs. Finding myself exploring different ‘recipes’ was like a whole new journey that took some time, but it ended with creating a bunch of them on my own. It’s important to get to know your skin and nurture it the right way.

Then, a lot of research about this theme came along. To gain a piece of extra knowledge I hook up with some experienced people who make natural cosmetics on their own for a long time. Must say that those people are AMAZING! They don’t just know every detail about every ingredient that’s used, but even share their experience and knowledge with you so widely. They love to teach and are very generous when they see you’re actually listening :D. Every herb, every butter, oil, wax, or any other substance that’s used must be there to serve the purpose. Brilliant, just brilliant.

Anyway, I haven’t decided to roll my sleeves (yet) for the cosmetics (lotion bars, body milk, and creams), except for the soaps that I’m already familiar with, but I put together a book of my bath recipes. It’s titled ‘Herbal Baths’ and it covers directions for some main conditions we need the most. For example; antistress, detox, sleeping issues, after a workout, anticellulite, skin tightening, anti-age… and more.

Have you tried this herbal bath practice before? I would love to hear your thoughts about it. Does it affect your state of mind, does it calm you more than a regular bath? Or how fast do you see the results, because once I try the new recipe, after just a few baths I can already see the difference? Does this apply to you as well?

Still, if you haven’t tried it yet, put it as a MUST on your self-care list! It rejuvenates your body faster and deeper than any other product I’ve tried. So far, natural cosmetics take the best care of my skin. Even if I don’t make it on my own there are a lot of crafty people who do and they have me as a regular customer.

If this resonates with you as well, I’ll leave a link below.

Herbal Baths book | Black Rabbit Tea

Take care!



  1. Fartfist says:

    Oh?! Fartfist approves of this and your concept here is fascinating!

    You are being followed….

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    1. Oh man, I’ve been trying to find the Follow button on your site, but ended up with just an ‘Oooo Button’ hahaha
      Thank you Fartfist πŸ™‚

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  2. I love herbs!! The possibilites to use them are endless and they are so healthful. I haven’t tried them in bathing yet. Lately I’ve been making herbal syrups and teas. I have the ingredients to make salves, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. I dried a bunch so I could do things with them in the winter, but life took over my time. Great post!! Thank-you!

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    1. You’d think with the name of my blog I would have done herbal bathing by now, lol!

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    2. Thank you for reading πŸ™‚
      And you must try them for baths, as well. The skin reacts to it so fast and the result is magical! Check out the book I mentioned or start experimenting on your own, but trust me, you will not regret πŸ˜‰

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      1. I most definitely will try it πŸ™‚

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      2. Feel free to write if you need any advice and keep me posted how it works πŸ™‚ So happy to hear about the results! So far everyone likes it

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