Every creator’s idea is heart incorporated.

Small business owners strive for connections, for engagements, rather than focus on money. They need income, of course, to keep the biz flow but that’s not the main cause of their actions. 

Creativity is, joy and sharing sparkle!

If you’re a crafter on your own, you know the feeling. 

And what really happens when someone purchases their art in a form of an item or a service they created? 

The crazy amount of joy strikes. An experience of satisfaction, because they know how much loving energy they put into that creation. It’s not always easy to present it to the world in a simple way they will understand, or the way you want them to understand it. Accomplishing that is a big part of the game.

Pay attention to artists and entrepreneurs, trust me, the magic they’re giving is amazing! And not just that, I think the main important thing here is that they send a bigger message; Stepping out of the ordinary, building their way of life, which is what we all need. Corporations consume our true nature. I will say nothing more about that, haha, don’t wanna go into that part of the discussion 🙂

But let’s get to the other side. Let’s stop for a second and step in the creator’s shoes.

When I started my Black Rabbit Tea I was thinking ‘Oh, this is fun, having a different presentation approach, taking one step at a time and slowly, in a few years it’ll grow bigger’… Well, what happened is, that slow growth turned out to be faster than I imagined. Yes, it scales rapidly! And then I realized, Hey! I feel an extreme amount of joy, which is beautiful, but now I can’t do anything else. It wraps you in. You just want to stay in that zone of (kind of) blessing. But surely that’s not the realistic way of living. There are other things within the brand that needs your daily focus, as well. 

That’s where I came up with the idea of the Joy Survival Kit

What you need are simple ‘ingredients’ in a form of a ritual 🙂

Here’s how it works;

When the order rolls in I put on a little music to celebrate the moment. Loud music makes you really feel strong, positive vibrations, so let it thrive! The celebration is on!

Then, I say THANK YOU out loud. Speaking to yourself out loud makes your conscious mind pay attention to what you’re saying and remember it better. It’s a scientifically proven fact; when you’re speaking your brain can’t think about other things in the same split second. So I practice that, hoping that the person who made the purchase could hear it, too 🙂

And in case he/she still doesn’t, I send the Thank You email, anyway.

After all of the above, at the end of the day, I do a quick meditation to fully ground myself and not end up with a head in the clouds. Because we easily do that, we are humans and there’s nothing wrong with it, but got to keep it under control. 

So, for your Joy Survival Kit, you will need: Music Gratitude Greeting Meditation

This is the routine that I’ve embraced for myself, but you can find what works for you, of course. It’s just important that you add some fun to your work, even if you enjoy it anyway, bring it to the next level.

Remember to Have Fun! Always.

Here’s the link to my Lovely Community, feel free to Join us!

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