Here’s some straightforward stuff … I need to be blunt about this.

I wish to bring something new to the back end of Black Rabbit Tea, to bring some inspiring energy behind the scenes and reflect that on the front end. Do not worry, we still enjoy every task we do, but sometimes you just need to shake things up. It’s been a while since I created some new strategies for the business, and now I want that. I’m missing that brainstorming, working, masculine energy.

The idea is, foremost, to engage more on our Facebook page, because to be honest, we don’t hang out there much. Oops! But the community we have there is utilized on Instagram, so all our activity is mainly on one platform. This is great for us, because that way we have only one platform to manage, so it saves time a lot (like, a lot!). Those of you who run several accounts, or pages know what that means! It’s everyone’s dream to unite all the platforms in one! To have only one thread for emails, messages, orders, content… everything. We’ll wait a little more for that to happen 😀 just not now.

I feel that, by brand values, dismissing one platform is not ok. We’re leaving a lot of people behind. Not everybody uses more than one personal social media, and our audience is people we want to connect with, not brands. So I’ve decided to give more value on Facebook as well. That’s the first step we agreed on and start acting right away. The second part of this idea is to learn new things about the business and connect with more small business owners. Facebook is really a great place for that! I believe that we all need to work together rather than solo. That way we open doors for each other, inspire, collaborate, share audiences, and reach broader regions …

Well, here comes the blunt part;

I found out that many people (who run bigger, and some actually several businesses) have no idea how to do even basic stuff. They know nothing about the legal stuff, tech stuff, sales, marketing… not a thing! How do they do it then? They pay someone to do it. Okay. How do you know if the person you’re paying is doing a good job? You track results, if they go up it’s good, if they go down it’s bad (that’s their simple logic). But that’s not right. What if the block within the system is not in that one person, but something or someone else in the chain? How would you know that? … We can go on about this, but we won’t, for the sake of this post, lol. 

From my point of view, and the way I want to show up is to learn all (at least the basics) I need to successfully run my brand. Then, over time go a mile by mile deep into each thing. This way I’d at least have some sense if the person I’m hiring is doing a good job and I can keep learning from her/him as we go. This strategy makes us both work in a safe environment! Because if sh*t hits the fan we can find a better solution, together.

Now, since it’s currently Mercury in retrograde 😀 I apologize if I’m being too harsh here, haha, it happens to me these days 😀 

But oh, boy! Researching all this through Facebook I can now officially say that there are some seriously disgusting groups! Which makes you feel discouraged for a moment, like, I’m trying to raise the vibe here and what I see is a black hole! Hahahhaa …. Watch for that, be ready to face it if you decide to take this road, but don’t let it discourage you. Just close the tab and do something fun, purge, recharge 🙂 because there’s always the other side of the coin! There are amazing people I managed to connect with and they brought light to all of this I have envisioned. 

Hope this will turn out to be a powerful post for you, actually. Look at it from a constructive perspective. Find the values within your project, or business, that you stand for, and do not let anyone or anything mess with that. Proceed with your vision and be ready to face some sh*t 🙂 but don’t worry, it won’t stay long 😉

If you’d like to support us on Facebook, or Instagram here’re the links to join us;



  1. Cottage-Shoppe says:

    You might want to consider Zion as an alternative (or in addition to) Facebook. New fb algorithms have made business very challenging especially for small businesses and those who seek genuine connection with their audiences.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😮 I don’t know about Zion! Thank you 🙌🏿 Will certainly check that out. I know that FB algorithm wants your eternal time, $$$ & devotion ☺️ but sometimes that’s overwhelming 🙄


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