WHAT IT TAKES, behind the scenes

Marketing is a serious thing.
If you don’t have a clear marketing strategy, you will fall short in business. If you don’t know how to write a copy you will fall short.
If you don’t know how to convert people with images & words, you can close the door of your shop.

I talked to the marketing strategist a few days ago and asked him these questions.
Is this true?
Is this required? 
Is this what it takes?

His answer was Yes.

Then, I sat down and went back from the start of the Black Rabbit Tea.
I didn’t know how to do any of that. I didn’t know how to get under the people’s skin with images, words, and storytelling. And I still don’t bother to learn it.


Because if I see the community, and the numbers on the back end are scaling so I can keep going, and I feel good working this way, I don’t see why would I enter something that will feel like tricking people. I would never use that skill. It’s good to have it, I don’t doubt that, but it’s not required.

My intention is a real connection with people. And my only ‘marketing’ strategy is to get to as many people as possible & have them try the products. From there, they are the ones deciding whether they want it or not. Because I’m sure that if they like it, they will come back. And I’m sure that nothing can make people purchase unless they really want it.
Yes, you can trick someone once, and they will never make the same mistake with you again. You lose them forever.
That’s not my vision for the brand. I want people to enjoy the long term because I enjoy it too much & want it to last.

And the best part in all of this is not about the products, it’s not about the financial scaling, it’s about the energy that happens over & over through each of our conversations, through connection. That’s what creates & sustains the magic. And that’s why I do this the most!

I gather such amazing people during these two years. From different places of the world. From different perspectives. From different belief systems. It doesn’t matter where you come from,  what you do, what you have, where are you going … none of it matters at that moment when we connect & share the magic. We learn so much from each other, many times we end up dying laughing, to the tears! we support, we create, we change… we get close… But we have still never met.
All we know is the connection we have through tea & chat.
And that is quite enough. Enough to raise the energy for the day.

Almost every other day I wake up in the morning and find messages like;

‘Hey, wake up! I need to order a gift ASAP’ because she forgot about a friend’s birthday 😀 So we need to create, pack & ship it like right now! She could choose anything else for a friend, but she choose Black Rabbit & I ‘have to’ deliver that magic. Because I want to! I want another soul to enjoy the whole experience. And that gift, made right away, the whole story about it will be something to remember. Of course I like to create those moments for myself, as well. We will laugh at the end!

‘I’m just enjoying a nice cup of tea & thinking about what you’ve said…’ because we had an interesting conversation the day before. Many breakthroughs happen on both sides. How can I not be grateful for that?!

‘He never drinks tea and now I’m out of it!’ If just one person switches the daily habit to at least one cup of tea a day, I succeed! And there are many who have done this so far!

‘Thank you for this blend, I had the best sleep in months’ 
‘I can not believe what kind of magic I experience every time I buy from you’
‘This was the gift I didn’t want, and now I’m in love with it’
‘Hey, kids just started drinking tea!’

…and many more…
These are my morning messages.

Now, if somebody tells me that I should learn the skill to convert people to buy my products, I would say f** you 🙂 Sorry, but no selling technique can replace this. No technique will bring me more joy than these real people who have the very real experiences.

I added some testimonials on the website, although testimonials feel like a hard word to me, so I’ll say experiences, just so others can get a little sneak peek of how people react to the magic.

Give it a look, here’s the link
Black Rabbit Tea



  1. Corrie.S.P. says:

    True, it is important to a bussiness

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    1. I believe there’s no one size fits all…✨

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